Leadership Gainesville

Program Details

Leadership Gainesville is a nine month training experience for 15 community leaders who represent all aspects of the community: business/volunteer, profit/non-profit, male/female, management/labor, etc.

This program is designed to develop and motivate a source of creative, well-informed, civic minded individuals who are willing to devote time and energy toward assuming leadership roles in community service organizations and in all kinds of local government. Through a series of monthly workshops and tours, emphasis is placed on exposing the participants to the realities, opportunities, and pertinent issues of the Gainesville area.

During this program you will:
1.     Explore everything that makes Gainesville unique such as Education, Healthcare, Government, Agriculture, Economic Development, Manufacturing, and Human Services.
2.     Network across Gainesville in order to bring people together for positive accomplishments.
3.     Develop leadership skills.
4.     Cultivate volunteer service in the community.

Program Requirements

  1. No applicant shall be excluded on basis of age, sex, religious preference, disability, national origin or race.
  2. Applicants must live or work in Cooke County.
  3. Applicants’ business or organization must be members in good standing of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Applicants must be a senior in high school or older.
  5. Prior non‐acceptance of an applicant does not affect future consideration for selection.
  6. All applications must be completed and received at the Chamber office on or before Friday, July 29, 2022 by 5 PM.
  7. The Leadership Gainesville class will consist of a maximum of 15 participants. Tuition of $400 must be received at the Chamber office by Thursday, September 8, 2022. The first session will begin Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 6:00 PM. This Meet & Greet will be an orientation for everyone to get to know each other and kick off our program.
  8. The Leadership Gainesville Advisory Board will have the authority to dismiss a participant with no exceptions and no tuition refunds for failure to attend at least seven sessions, or any portion thereof. You are required to attend the Meet & Greet Social, the State Government Trip, and Graduation. Those who fail to attend these 3 events without prior permission will not be allowed to graduate.
  9. The sessions are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month with exception of the Meet & Greet Social (Thursday evening) and the State Government Trip (two day trip to Austin, TX). Details of the trip will be given in advance for arrangements to be made.

* Tuition covers costs for meals (breakfast snacks and full lunch), instructional materials, honorariums, overnight trip to Austin and other miscellaneous expenses.

A requirement of the Leadership Gainesville Class is the completion of a Class Project. The participants together see a need and fill a need within the Gainesville community.

For example, one Leadership Gainesville class took it upon themselves to assist with collecting information of all the past Leadership Gainesville participants (for historical purposes). It was a huge asset to us here at the Chamber and a project that will be useful for years to come.

Whatever the class decides to do, they have to plan and execute their project together and we at the Chamber assist with information and resources as needed. More information will be given to participants at the first class – the Meet & Greet Social.

Leadership Gainesville requires attendance at the orientation and monthly meetings, which are full day sessions over a nine-month period. Each participant will be expected to maintain an attendance record in accordance with the Leadership Gainesville By‐Laws, which read as follows:

“Any participant missing more than two sessions, or any portion thereof, shall be dropped from the program without refund. Participant attendance is mandatory.”

A certificate will be awarded for the successful completion of the program.

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Gainesville Program

2021 - 2022 Schedule

  • Thursday, September 8 Meet & Greet Social
  • Wednesday, October 12 Municipal Government Day
  • Wednesday, November 9 Agriculture Day
  • Wednesday & Thursday, December 14 - 15 State Government Trip to Austin, TX
  • Wednesday, January 11 County Government Day
  • Wednesday, February 8 Education Day
  • Wednesday, March 8 History, Arts & Culture Day
  • Wednesday, April 12 Business & Industry Day
  • Wednesday, May 10 Healthcare Day + Graduation