Being an Ambassador for the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce is an important role. For new members especially, you will be one of the first people they meet! As a representative of the Chamber, ensuring that new and current members have a great experience is the primary role of an Ambassador.

What does an Ambassador Do?
Ambassadors are volunteers who help promote the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce business community and support Chamber functions. Projecting a positive image, assisting with volunteer roles at events, and reaching out to welcome new members are among the primary activities of an Ambassador. Examples of Ambassador tasks include: calling or visiting with a new member over coffee, inviting members to events, assisting with event registration table or greeting attendees, and holding the ribbon at ribbon cuttings.

Why become an Ambassador?
Being an Ambassador is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to increase visibility for you and your business. The most important role is to adopt new members and help onboard them to the Gainesville Area Chamber and its benefits. This is also a solid way to build business relationships with Members. And, because the role includes volunteering at events, you’ll often be seen in the published photos, have the distinguished role of introducing Members to each other, and celebrate with new and expanding businesses at their ribbon cuttings. If you plan on attending events anyway, or have been wanting to build your business contacts, being an Ambassador just makes sense.

As a Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, the following responsibilities are encouraged of each Ambassador to meet the quarterly goals:

  • Complete and return the Ambassador application
  • Meet once per month as a committee
  • Adopt new members and complete a welcome checklist
  • Volunteer at Chamber events
  • Meet or exceed the minimum requirement of annual activity (see Ambassador

Ambassador Good Standing

Ambassadors must achieve a minimum number of points each quarter, and annually, to remain an Ambassador. You can find the Ambassador Point Chart here. Those falling short of the minimum 2 consecutive quarters or for the year must sit out the remainder of the year, but may reapply for the following year.

Quarterly Minimum – 25 points
Annual Minimum – 100 points

Code of Conduct
As an Ambassador of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, you are expected to accept certain responsibilities, adhere to acceptable business principles in matters of personal conduct, and exhibit a high degree of personal integrity at all times. This not only involves sincere respect for the rights and feeling of others, but also demands, that in your business you refrain from any behavior that might be harmful to you, other Ambassadors, other Chamber Members, the Chamber, or that might be viewed unfavorably by current or potential Chamber Members, or by the public at large. As an Ambassador, your conduct reflects on the Chamber. You are, consequently, encouraged to observe the highest standards of professionalism at all times.

The following are just some of the specific acts that are banned but the list is NOT exclusive:

  1. Sexual Harassment;
  2. Misrepresenting the Chamber to prospective new members;
  3. Making false and misleading statements about what the Chamber can or cannot do for potential new members.


The Ambassador program is considered, “At Will”. Any Ambassador may withdraw from the Ambassador Committee at any time, with or without cause. Upon withdrawal, the Ambassador will no longer be able to represent themselves out in the community as being an Ambassador of the Chamber.

Removal: The Ambassador Chairman shall have the authority to recommend to the Chamber Board of Directors for the removal of an Ambassador. The Chamber Board of Directors can remove an Ambassador of the Chamber at any time, with or without cause. The following are just some of the specific acts that are not allowed, but the list is not exclusive.

  • Violation of the Code of Conduct described above
  • For conduct unbecoming a member or prejudicial to the aims or repute of the Chamber

The Ambassador program is a Volunteer program!

The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce appreciates all members and the time you commit to the success of our Chamber.

Ambassadors will meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 12:00 PM at the Chamber to discuss new businesses and plan upcoming events. Participation in any and all Chamber events is encourages and appreciated.

For further information, please contact the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

(940) 665-2831  |  |  311 S. Weaver St., Gainesville, TX